Josh Carlat

Software Engineer

About Me


A pleasure to meet you

I have IT, Web Development, and Digital Forensic knowledge. I want to be an individual who can fill any position that is needed by the company at the time. I like to constantly learn about technology and different cultures. I participated in a Signature Experience Project to create a game engine using C++ and took part in CCDC, winning 4th place. I am a member of the Order of the Sword & Shield at UCF. My top 5 skills are Java, Python, JavaScript frameworks, Digital Forensic technologies such as FEX (Forensic Explorer) and Autopsy, and Mandarin Chinese. My projects are available to view: I have studied foreign languages alongside programming languages. I was a host for Chinese Spring Festival, filling in for the role, and managed to create a successful experience for all of our participants. I believe by embracing foreign cultures and ideas we can make exceptional products or expose ourselves to more efficient ideas, greatly increasing our consumer base and promoting a workplace that thinks outside the box. Be curious, not judgemental -Walt Whitman